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HANSEL is a federal trademark, Tinea Test and Oticell are Minnesota trademarks belonging to Lide Laboratories Inc. 
Our most popular in-vitro diagnostic stain, HANSEL® Stain continues to be a One-MinuteTechnic for the evaluation of eosinophils and neutrophils in nasal, urine and other secretions. It is the referenced, stain of choice for urine eosinophil testing. For more information about HANSEL Stain (product insert) click on the product photo.

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Concentrated Stain for Urinary Sediment
Lide Laboratories' Urine Sediment Stain combines the dyes originally developed by Sternheimer and Malbin (Crystal Violet (0.1%), Ammonium Oxalate (0.03%),Safranin O (0.25%) with the base formula used in our HANSEL Stain. The buffered solvent and glycerin/water base combine to produce an effective vehicle that can carry the stains evenly at a low pH. The formation is considered to be a true solution, precipitates are not expected and filtration is therefore not required.The formulation stains blood cells, casts and other formed elements in urinary sediment in a distinctive fashion which permits rapid and accurate identification. Urine Sediment Stain can be used prior to culturing veterinary urine samples using our Urine Quad Plates.

OTICELL™ Microbiologic Stain
Laboratories' OTICELL Stain is a microbiologic stain used to color bacterial cells, yeast and leukocytes to increase their visibility under a microscope. OTICELL Stain contains two certified biological stains: Methylene Blue and Eosin Y. Due to the chemical properties of the stains and their cellular reactions, staining can distinguish cell shape (morphology) and differentiate cellular components. This process can facilitate in the identification of microorganisms and the differentiation of cell types that may be present in a microbiologic sample. The dyes in OTICELL Stain are dissolved in methanol and added to a glycerin/water base similar to our HANSEL Stain. The “One Minute Technic” requires only one stain and one application. It is also a quick, easy and inexpensive diagnostic procedure that provides meaningful results. OTICELL Stain can be used prior to or afte culturing veterinary otic samples using our OTICELL Quad Plates
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